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French immersion at home

Can’t spend the money or time to travel abroad but still want to connect with French culture? With Depaysio, you can access French culture from the comfort of home.


Resources for further study

Our pedagogical team creates a downloadable resource kit for each one of our experiences so that you can continue making progress once the session is over.


Live experiences

Language and culture are meant to be social. Our interactive live experiences led by native-level speakers bring French culture and language to life.

Connect with other learners

Our small group sizes allow you to meet other learners who share your language goals and interest in French culture. Build a community to keep you accountable and to have fun.

Meet the experts

Why learn about another culture from a book when you can speak with the experts! We connect you with cultural insiders looking to share their passions.

Accessible from anywhere

Our mission is to make cultural and language immersion possible for more people.  Our online experiences make it easier to give real-life context to your classroom learning.