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LyricsTraining offers a free and fun way to develop your foreign language skills through music.


What is LyricsTraining

The easiest way to make language learning fun is to connect it to something you already enjoy. With that in mind, if you’re a music lover, you should definitely give LyricsTraining a try. The concept is simple: Choose a music video and as the song plays, you’ll be instructed to fill in the gaps to the song’s lyrics. This is an excellent way to develop your oral comprehension and learn new vocabulary.

The Features

LyricsTraining, which is currently available on the web and also as an app, offers videos in thirteen languages. There are four game modes to choose from. At the beginner level, you’ll be tasked with completing 10% of the text. In expert mode, however, your challenge will be to complete 100% of the text. There’s also a feature that allows you to print the lyrics with the option of removing some words so you can test yourself. Likewise, teachers can create their own custom fill-in-the-blank exercises and share them with their students. LyricsTraining is currently free to use and there are a host of additional features you can access when you set up a free profile. In karaoke mode, you can compete with other users. You also have the option to save songs to a favorite’s list and upload lyrics that are not already featured. 

With genres ranging from punk to soul, the site offers a variety of music options. LyricsTraining is definitely a great addition to your language routine. Most videos clock in under five minutes, so you can easily fit a training session into your day. 

Tips for Learners

Here are a few final tips for getting the most out of LyricsTraining:

  • Expect to listen to a song several times before you are able to successfully fill in the blanks, especially if you have never heard it before.
  • That said, depending on your language level, you may want to read through the lyrics first to give you a better idea of what to expect.
  • In addition to oral comprehension practice, music videos can offer great insight into a culture. After you watch a video, be sure to take the time to research the artist or group for more insight.
  • Many songs feature informal language, slang and idiomatic expressions, which might be difficult for even advanced learners to understand at times.
  • If you’re having trouble understanding the lyrics, you may want to start with the children’s songs category, which features songs that have simpler lyrics that are more repetitive.

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