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Learn something new while improving your language skills.



At Depaysio, we offer access to live language immersion experiences, no matter where you are. Our cooking classes,  art workshops and other interactive small-group experiences are led by experts from around the world. 




Choose your experience

Sign up for any of our live Zoom sessions and enjoy a fun immersive French experience no matter where you are. Make real-life language practice part of your routine.


improve your skills

Led by native-level speakers, our experiences are specifically designed for French learners. Build comprehension and fluency in fun real world contexts.


Review And repeat

The learning doesn’t stop at the end of your experience. You’ll also get access to a downloadable toolkit with additional resources to help you further your learning. 

Depaysio takes its name from the French word dépaysement, which describes the feeling of being in a foreign country or environment. Through our online experiences, we strive to make the enriching cultural and linguistic experience of international travel more accessible.

We offer two kinds of online experiences:


Language Discovery

Designed for language learners of all levels and particularly adapted to beginners, these experiences focus on cultural immersion. They are mostly in English, but also include relevant vocabulary and expressions in the target language.

Language Immersion

These small-group experiences provide a complete immersion in the target language. Led by native-level speaking subject experts, they are ideal for intermediate to advanced level language learners. Put your language skills to the test!

Some examples of our experiences

Wine Tasting Workshop

Transport yourself to the charming vineyards of France, develop a new appreciation for your favorite wine and learn the French terms you need to talk about wine like a pro!

Yoga in French

Immerse yourself in the French language while joining in a Vinyasa Flow yoga session streamed from Bali! Each session is structured around a theme.

French Poetry Workshop

Discuss and analyze French poetry with a published author. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to submit and get feedback on a poem of your own! 

Unlimited French Immersion!

Take a virtual trip to your favorite French-speaking destinations with our immersive online experiences. Language is  meant to be social. Our interactive live experiences led by native-level speakers bring French culture to life. When you sign up, you’ll get unlimited access to all of our live experiences (at least 20 sessions available per month).

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